Elinor in English

Hi there,

You have found my website, great! So I am Elinor. I: write, produce festivals and am a freelance art agent (illustration really). Have worked in PR, dusty publishing houses, sweatty kitchens and as an art translator (my father and my passport are English and I am native, but do have a Dutch lilt). I am also a great idea generator.

So if you need someone to write a blog or (news-)letter for you, fill up your socials, or interview a person of interest. Or if you are in dire need of some flippin’ out-there ideas. Or if you are looking for an eloquent and knowledgeable producer: step on up, come my way.

Some background: I graduated from the Rietveld Art Academy at the Creative Writing department but that also included, performance, animation, wild painting and making installations out of seemingly (and sometimes totally) random stuff.

Quite a broad portfolio, but definitely focused on things that make life interesting (for myself and others). I’d love to get more involved in green (sustainability-, environmental-, free-cycle-) projects and social work.

If you’d like to read some of my stuff in English, drop me a line at:
e l i n o r a r c h e r @ y a h o o . c o m

Will be updating this page soon to include more English work stuffs!